Sewage & Well

The Sewage Enforcement Officer (SEO) for Greene Township is Glen Martin. All inquiries regarding wells, septic systems and perc testing should be directed to him. He is only at Greene Township building on Wednesdays but is available during the below office hours at other Township locations.

Glen Martin will be out of the office from May 4, 2022 until May 25, 2022. Please plan for all septic and well matters to be handled before or after those dates.

Weekly Office Schedule:

Blooming Grove Township (570) 775-6461 ext. 5
Monday 10:00am-2:00pm

Greene Township (570) 676-9974
Wednesday 8:00am-noon

Palmyra Township (570) 226-2230 ext. 104
Tuesday 9:00am-noon
Thursday 9:00am-noon

He can also be reached by email: