If you are looking to build a home, shed, garage, addition, deck, or other structure, please follow the instructions below:

Step-by-step process for obtaining a building permit:

  1. Obtain Location Permit below
  2. Fill out permit and give to Township Office (secretary or treasurer), who will then assign a Location #
  3. If project requires Bureau Veritas permit (see reference chart below), fill out permit
  4. Give Location Permit AND Bureau Veritas Permit to building department (contact information at bottom of this page) to proceed

What requires a permit?

All decks, additions, sheds, or other structures require a Location Permit through the township office, regardless of size or height. There is no inspection or fee for a Location Permit.

Additional permits and inspections may be required for certain projects, which are done through Bureau Veritas (contact information below).

See chart below for projects that require Bureau Veritas permits and inspections.

Bureau Veritas Permits REQUIRED for 
  Additions Anything Attached to Existing Structure
  Pools Electric for Filter System
  Shed/Garage/anything NOT attached to house  1,000 square feet and over
  Fences  6 feet high and over
  Decks  30 inches off the ground and over
  Anything that alters the structure of a roof  For instance, roof solar panel system
All electrical/plumbing/etc. projects, please contact the building department to see if a permit is required.

Greene Township has contracted Bureau Veritas to conduct all building inspections in the Township. All construction (structural, electrical, plumbing, etc.) in Greene Township, must be built according to the International Construction Code standards.

Bureau Veritas Main Office
105 Government Center Way, Suite 101, Pocono Pines, PA 18350
Main Office: (570) 894-2801
Main Office Fax: (570) 894-2986

Greene Township Office (Tuesdays & Thursdays from 9:00am-noon ONLY): (570) 676-9656

Building Code Official:
Bill Burton
Cell: (570) 656-8458